Emily Wood, CFP®

Emily R. Wood brings over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry to Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM). Emily leads the CTWM team in the development and implementation of innovative strategies that turn client aspirations into financial realities. She works with clients who have the most complex financial planning needs, including executives, real estate investors, and business owners. Having worked with multiple law firms in the surrounding Connecticut area, Emily understands the complex benefits structure and work demands of […]

Beth Devino, CPA/PFS

Beth Devino brings close to 20 years of experience in finance, corporate accounting, and auditing to her position as a Senior Financial Planner at Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM). Beth leads planning engagements with multifaceted clients, ranging from corporate executives and retirees to business owners and attorneys. She maximizes her time with clients by helping them to better understand how their financial and personal lives intersect, and at the same time, helps them to discover and verbalize their long-term financial goals. […]

Patrick Sullivan, CFP®

Patrick Sullivan joined the Connecticut Wealth Management Team in Fall 2021 and works alongside the CTWM financial planning team. Patrick is responsible for collaborating with the CTWM team to provide thoughtful and comprehensive financial plans for initial planning engagements. He is driven to accomplish client’s long term financial goals by using proactive and analytical strategies. Prior to joining Connecticut Wealth Management, Patrick was a Tax and Financial Advisor at Asset Strategies, Inc. He was responsible for tax preparation and tax […]