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With an ever-growing list of priorities to address between your business and your personal life, it can be difficult to focus on what truly matters. With what feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders, you may find yourself paralyzed on where to even start. Move forward confidently with the help of a trusted partner.

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Practical Advice to Solve Real Problems

Common problems we hear:How CTWM can help:
“I know I need to start thinking about leaving my business someday. I just don’t know what path makes the most sense for me and my family.”We’ll build a personalized transition roadmap and help you examine the pros and cons of each exit option.  
“Nobody can run my company like I can, not even my management team.”We’ll conduct a review of your leadership structure, rating each area for overall effectiveness and where you enjoy spending your time.
“Being a business owner is all I know – it’s who I am. What will I do with my time post exit?”We’ll develop a plan that optimizes ideal outcomes for your business valuation and personal finances.
“How can I spend more of my time working ON the business versus IN the business?”We’ll recommend solutions and resources to help you focus on being more strategic versus the day-to-day operations.
“I’m proud of the company I’ve built, but I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time or that I’m missing out on life.”We’ll help you define your idea of a fulfilled life and strategize on ways to help you find balance.

Protect Your Interest

Your business is likely the most significant stock position you own. With so much of your income and net worth tied to your business, you need to capitalize on those interests.

Our top priority is to instill confidence in your vision for how and when you exit.

Exit is Inevitable

Whether by force or by choice, at some point, business owners must accept the fact that exit is inevitable.

Regardless of whether the runway to exit your business is long, you have an offer in hand, or a life event has you contemplating your transition, our team is an experienced partner who can help you plan for your next chapter.

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Learn how our holistic approach to planning and wealth management can help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today!

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Do you know what
your business is worth?

There are many reasons why you should know the value of your business, such as raising capital, preparing your estate plan, and of course, determining when to sell. An accurate business valuation helps you to feel confident in your long-term financial plan and investment strategy. Talk with our advisors to start the process now.