CTWM’s Recipe for Talent Retention and Attraction

In the midst of the Great Resignation movement, talent retention and attraction are at the forefront of just about every organization. While great benefits and hybrid capabilities are still a necessity for organizations looking to hire today, even more, critical to the “talent game” is company culture.

At Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM), we firmly believe that an exceptional client experience starts with how we treat each of our team members. Our hardworking and fun-loving culture is a result of hiring individuals who embody our firm’s core values and providing support in helping them drive their own careers forward. 

In a recent interview on the Pulse of the Region Cast, Denis Horrigan, Partner and Co-founder, and Labib Fasihuddin, Financial Advisor, talk with the MetroHartford Alliance about CTWM’s unique approach to retaining and attracting talent. 

Listen to the podcast now. 

During the interview, Denis and Labib share insight into how CTWM has created a culture that is collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and innovative: 

  • Community: Treating your employees well starts with creating a collaborative environment that has a sense of community.  
  • Transparency: Clear communication is key to company culture.  
  • Professional Growth: When an organization is invested in its employees’ growth and development, this increases retention.  
  • Open-Minded: To attract great talent, sometimes you need to think outside of the box.  

CTWM has proven that if you invest in your employees and genuinely care about their well-being, this lends itself not only to happy clients but also happy talent. Our approach to talent retention and attraction has contributed to our firm being recognized as the #1 Best Places to Work in Connecticut in 2021. 

To hear the entire interview between MetroHartford Alliance and Connecticut Wealth Management, click here