Emily Wood, CFP®, CM&AA®

Emily R. Wood brings over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry to Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM). Emily leads the CTWM team in the development and implementation of innovative strategies that turn client aspirations into financial realities. She works with clients who have the most complex financial planning needs, including executives, real estate investors, and business owners. Having worked with multiple law firms in the surrounding Connecticut area, Emily understands the complex benefits structure and work demands of […]

Denis M. Horrigan, CFP®, CEPA

Denis M. Horrigan has more than 25 years of professional experience in the areas of financial planning and wealth management. Denis works with executives, business owners, medical professionals, families, and non-profit organizations.  Denis is a partner and one of the founders of Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM).  In addition to his role as Advisor, Denis works with the client service team ensuring that all clients receive consistent, meaningful, and quality service.  Denis also serves on the firm’s Investment Committee. Denis is […]

Megan Trask, CFP®

Megan Trask, CFP® joined the Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM) team in 2016. Megan has been a major contributor to the development of the firm’s unique investment approach that helps clients align their financial goals with their portfolios. She builds meaningful and lasting relationships with her clients, which includes business owners and executives, and currently manages the largest portion of the firm’s client assets. As Director of CTWM’s Investment Committee, Megan is responsible for the development and implementation of the firm’s target […]

Patrick Sullivan, CFP®, CM&AA®

Patrick Sullivan joined the Connecticut Wealth Management Team in Fall 2021 and works alongside the CTWM financial planning team. Patrick is responsible for collaborating with the CTWM team to provide thoughtful and comprehensive financial plans for initial planning engagements. He is driven to accomplish client’s long-term financial goals by using proactive and analytical strategies. Prior to joining Connecticut Wealth Management, Patrick was a Tax and Financial Advisor at Asset Strategies, Inc. He was responsible for tax preparation and tax planning […]

Kevin C. Leahy, CFP®, CPA

Kevin C. Leahy founded Connecticut Wealth Management (CTWM) in 2010 and has been instrumental in leading the development of the firm. As CEO, Kevin is responsible for defining the firm’s overall vision, inclusive of its mission statement, guiding principles, and core values. A champion of workplace culture, Kevin’s efforts have resulted in CTWM being recognized as HBJ’s #1 Best Place to Work in Connecticut for three consecutive years, with appearances on the list for the past seven years. Under Kevin’s […]